Jeffery Epstein and Sacred Cows

The whole sordid Jeffery Epstein saga is unfolding. It’s happening in drips and bits. The custodians of America cannot and will not let it turn into a deluge. It will keep happening in bits and drips until it’s forgotten.
And no big participants will ever be arrested.

Some new false flag will be staged and the attention of Americans will be diverted.

Most probably this will be by the evil Iranians attacking poor little Israel. Evil Iran will then try to destroy the beacon of democracy in the Middle East. So sad.

All you folks may not know that, but Jeffery Epstein is a also a big philanthropist and has contributed $30M to Harvard towards brain research and understanding human thought control and furthering AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In addition he also too took Slick Willy on 26 trips to places where he could release tensions and relax. 

The Chosenites have perfected the method to select the chosen and they network like crazy. 

I don’t think this 30M donation was for luring teenage girls, or reading their minds, or even getting more children into his circle. 

It was and always be for control. 

Shame on Harvard University. 


Published by

Nihal Mirza Changezi

The older I get, the more clearly I remember things that never happened. Mark Twain

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